Use the above link for PASSABLE ROAD INFORMATION.

Due to the current rain activity, some roads have become impassable. Check your route before leaving. The Montgomery County LIVE map has some of the the current information about area roads. As things change, updated information is provided to this mapping resource after emergency resources have been able to verify and upload the status of roads in question.

Be prepared for any potential disaster or storm.

MAKE A PLAN – Communicate with your household and know how you and your family will prepare and respond in the event of an emergency.

BUILD A KIT – Gather the appropriate supplies needed such as food, water and first aid supplies.

STAY INFORMED – Tune in to local channels and news outlets for the most up-to-date information pertaining to Montgomery County.

Register for the State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry at https://tdem.texas.gov/stear/ or by dialing 2-1-1 from your phone. STEAR can help assist those who may need additional help in the event of a disaster.


Register for AlertMCTX, the county’s official emergency alert system, to receive real-time weather alerts and post-storm recovery information

For information on current road conditions in Montgomery County please visit MCTXLive

For information regarding Lake Conroe storm releases from the San Jacinto River Authority click HERE

Download the ReadyMCTX app

Recovery information is available at www.mctx.org/recover

Meet the Team

About Charlie Riley

“Serving the members of our beautiful community is an honor.   I’ve been lucky to call Montgomery County home for fifty years, and it is that personal knowledge and care for our community that guides every decision I make. 
The future will have many changes, and those changes bring concerns of safety and traffic congestion.  Careful planning goes into our infrastructure so that every citizen can experience high quality mobility and the protection of the law enforcement professionals who serve Precinct 2.”

In the 50 years that Commissioner Charlie Riley has called Montgomery County home, he has worked to build the legacy of Precinct 2 with conservative ideals that reflect the community values that are critical for a promising future. His strong and stable leadership focuses on developing an infrastructure that allows smart mobility options for commuters and provide easier navigation throughout Precinct 2 and Montgomery County.  Besides county roads and bridges, the Commissioner is responsible for a recycling facility, county parks, county sports complexes, and county community buildings.  He is one of five who make up the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, whose responsibilities include approving the county’s budget as well as planning for future growth and challenges.

Commissioner Riley was the Operations Manager for Precinct 2 for 13 years prior to being elected Precinct 2 Commissioner in 2014.  Discussing current and future goals with local neighborhood associations, combined with active listening and working together, Commissioner Riley endeavors to make Montgomery County Precinct 2 an even more desirable place to live, work and play. 
He realizes his obligation is to serve the past, present and the future. 

Chief of Staff Bruce Berger, Commissioner Charlie Riley,
Operations Manager Don Dean and MCTR Operations Manager Robert Castañeda

Knowledge and experience combined creates a dynamic team of leaders.  Putting the safety of all others first, this team leads from the front with straight forward representation for all projects.   Their determination to help and represent Montgomery County Precinct 2 is evident through their commitment and diligence. Community connections continue to grow during multiple weekly meetings and events.  Together, they support the supervisors and their crews who fulfill the daily jobs of developing and maintaining the Precinct 2 community. 

Law Enforcement – Traffic Enforcement –

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Sgt. Duane Burrell & Lt. Michael Silvio

Over 20 years of experience, approximately 4000 hours of training and a family history of law enforcement personnel, Lieutenant Michael Silvio supports this office with dedication and integrity.  He accompanies the Commissioner and staff at meetings as a law enforcement liaison.  His expertise makes him extremely valuable in regards to traffic enforcement, commercial vehicle enforcement, nuisance abatement and environmental investigations.  Lieutenant Silvio currently holds a TCOLE license as a Master Peace Officer.  He also is a licensed basic/intermediate/advanced police instructor and firearms instructor.

Sgt. Duane Burrell contributes to the this office and Precinct 2 with his extensive background (40 + years) as a former officer with the Texas Department of Public Safety. He maintains his TCOLE license as a Master Peace Officer and has multiple accommodations to his credit for his service in regards to law enforcement. He has a no nonsense approach for any individual or commercial vehicle operator that violates the law and puts the safety of the public at risk.

What Does The County Commissioner Do?

The board of commissioners is the oldest form of county government in America and is still very common.

The county commissioner is responsible for roads and bridges within their precinct and makes policy-making budget decisions. Four commissioners, elected from a quarter of the county’s population, serve along with the county judge on the commissioner’s court.

A county commissioner in Texas has the following duties:

  • As member of the commissioners court, exercises broad policy-making authority
  • Represents one of four precincts within the county
  • Typically responsible for building and maintaining county roads and bridges within the precinct

Commissioners Court

The commissioners’ court conducts the general business of the county and consists of the county judge and four commissioners.

The court:

  • Adopts the county’s budget and tax rate
  • Approves all budgeted purchases of the county
  • Fills vacancies in elective and appointive offices
  • Sets all salaries and benefits
  • Has exclusive authority to authorize contracts
  • Provides and maintains all county buildings and facilities

Texas Association of Counties

Legal Source: Local Government Code Sec. 81.0025, Section (e).

How Can We Help You?

The Commissioner’s office is responsible for the county roads and easements in Precinct 2.

If you have questions or concerns, contact the office.

Paige Pangarakis  – Administrative Manager


Service requests, that fall within our jurisdiction and responsibilities, will have a Work Order issued. Exact addresses/locations are needed for crews to locate the areas where our assistance is requested.

  • Culverts ** (see below)
  • Road Maintenance & Hazards
  • Debris
  • Tree Removal
  • Dead Animals
  • Ditches
  • Sign Maintenance
  • Mosquito Spraying

**Culverts – A Supervisor will do an onsite evaluation and contact the property owner with the list of the material amounts needed, including what size of pipe is necessary to perform the job. Property owner MUST acquire and have ON SITE the recommended materials BEFORE calling the office to say the job is ready to proceed.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, call and we’ll try to help you find a solution to your inquiry.

Pct 2 Office Operations

A view of Precinct 2 Operations

Road & Bridge Projects

Working to increase mobility and safety for drivers in Precinct 2.

Road Projects –

Nichols Sawmill Rd widening from Old Hockley Rd to Commerce St. – COMPLETE

Keenan Cut Off at FM 2854 – added 645 for the right turn lane – COMPLETE
Research Forest & Grogans Mill Rd – extended right merge lane – 675 ft added
Coe Loop – Headwall repair – COMPLETE
Walnut Creek – rehabilitated COMPLETE
Sapphire Circle in Indigo Lakes – bridge repair COMPLETE
Old Conroe Rd – Extended Turn Lane – Complete
Grand Pines Road – Complete

SH 249 @ Spring Creek – COMPLETE
SH 249 @ Decker Prairie & Hardin Store Rd. – COMPLETE
SH 249 @ Woodtrace Blvd. – COMPLETE
Honea Egypt at FM 1488 north view – COMPLETE
Sendera Ranch – widening – COMPLETE
Lake Creek Bridge between Sendera Ranch Rd and Fish Creek Thoroughfare – COMPLETE
Fish Creek Thoroughfare north of bridge – COMPLETE
Fish Creek Thoroughfare near Ridge Lake Shores – COMPLETE
McCaleb Rd north view ending at Hwy 105 (Lake Conroe) – COMPLETE
Decker Prairie-Rosehill rehabilitation – COMPLETE
INDIGO LAKES – rehabilitation

Grand Oaks Blvd – Rehabilitation Complete.
SH 242 @ Gosling Rd. – New striping and added lanes – COMPLETE
Wright Road Bridge – replacement – COMPLETE
Egypt Lane – Widened from FM 1488 to Research Forest Drive – COMPLETE
Widened from Grand Pines to Nichols Sawmill Elementary (originally this was only 2 lanes) – COMPLETE
Nichols Sawmill widening – View South
from Nichols Sawmill Elementary to Old Hockley Rd – COMPLETE
Overpass at FM 2854 – connecting Fish Creek Thoroughfare to McCaleb Rd – Substantially Complete
North view from Fish Creek Thoroughfare to McCaleb Rd bypassing railroad tracks plus protected service road access leading to FM 2854. – Substantially Complete

Road Projects –
In Progress

Miller Rd – Road Improvement – Repaving Project

SANDY CREEK – Road Improvement – Repaving Project

E. Lakeshore Dr. – Road Improvement – Repaving Project

Lakeshore Dr. W. – Road Improvement – Repaving Project

Horse Arena

The Magnolia Horse Arena

To access the Horse Arena Calendar:

1 . Use a desktop computer or a tablet.

2. Click on “Horse Arena Calendar” below.

Horse Arena Calendar

3. Find the drop down menu labeled “Master” on the top right side of the calendar.

4. Click on “Master” and choose “comm2“.

5. Look to see if the date(s) you are searching for will be available.

6. Then, call the offices at 281-252-3852.

If further assistance is needed, contact the Commissioner’s Office. 281-252-3852.

Horse Arena map

Monday & Wednesday – Judging Events; 

Tuesday & Thursday – Speed Events

Lights on from dusk til 10 PM Monday thru Thursday

Friday thru Sunday – Open to public unless reserved. 


Fields, Horse Arena and Community Centers

Recycle Center

31354 Friendship Drive

Magnolia,TX 77355


Hours of Operation:

~ effective July 1, 2022 ~

Wednesday – Saturday, 7:30am til 4:30 pm

excluding county holidays.

The Montgomery County

Precinct 2 Recycling Center

will be closed over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Wednesday, November 22nd – closed at 3pm

Thursday, November 23 – Saturday, November 25th

Guidelines for normal operations

Guidelines for normal operations Recycling Center
Guidelines for normal operations Recycling Center

Please read and follow the instructions both here and onsite when using the Recycling Center.

Sort and clean designated items as instructed and DO NOT leave anything at the gate when the center is closed.

The Montgomery County Precinct 2 Recycling Center is a service that benefits the community.

Recycling Center Supervisor – Elechia Davis

WELL DONE residents of Precinct 2!

Commissioner Charlie Riley’s 9th Annual Heavy Trash Day Clean Up was a massive success!

Heavy Trash Day Clean Up 2023

Community Centers

Magnolia Community Building

422 Melton Magnolia, Texas 77354 
For information call 281-252-3852
or email 

West County Community Center

31355 Friendship Drive Magnolia,Texas 77355 
For information call 281-252-3852
or email joanne.moore@mctx.org

Decker Prairie Community Building

32434 Decker Prairie Magnolia, Texas 77355 
For information call 281-252-3852 
or email joanne.moore@mctx.org

The Friendship Center hosted a Father’s Day celebration for the Seniors. The menu for the day included Waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage, along with multiple flavors of syrups besides all of the extras that went along with the meal. Friends and families gathered. Games and prizes were shared. The team of hard working staffers and volunteers truly go above and beyond to let the seniors at the West Montgomery County Community Development Center – Friendship Center know that they have a strong family of friends who care and know how to have fun.

The Friendship Center Father’s Day 2023

Community Parks

Precinct 2 received a generous donation of land, 391 acres. The property will be developed into a sports park that will also house a community and nature center.

Montgomery County and received a donation of 391 acres from the Johnson Development Co. and Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley plans to enhance the land into a sports park with a nature center and community center. 

The park will maintain most of its natural features while the improvements will provide an outlet for the area. 

“We are going to make it a top notch destination for folks in Precinct 2,” Riley said. “It’s been a challenge to get all this done but it will be well worth it and a real asset for Montgomery County.”  “We have been working on this and we finally got it all hammered out and the paperwork is ready to sign,” Riley said. 

Working on the realization of the donation, came to fruition by way of the generosity of Virgil Yoakum, vice president and general manager for Johnson Development. 

“I look forward to future generations enjoying all the amenities that are in the plans to be built,” Yoakum said. “We’ve seen the concept plans and we believe that everyone in our region will benefit. There is a need for these amenities and facilities.”

The location of the park will be off of Fishcreek Thoroughfare near the Woodforest community. 

Gwen Hruska Park

Gwen Hruska Park is located on Brandon Road in the unincorporated area of River Plantation three miles south of Conroe on Interstate 45. The park includes 5,022 linear feet of concrete trails funded by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Grant Assistant Program. The park consists of 12 acres of land acquired through Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) buyout properties and land donations after the 1994 flood disaster. 

The River Plantation Community Improvement Association (R.P.C.I.A.) manages and maintains the park and its trails. 

For information concerning the park contact R.P.C.I.A.

Mussel Pond Preserve

Mussel Pond Preserve is a 22 acre conservation easement under Legacy Land Trust located on FM 2854 in Montgomery County Precinct 2. The site is named for the unique native Texas freshwater mussels (Unionidae) found along the edge of the ten acre pond located on the preserve. The formal opening of the preserve was in 2009.

Lake Creek Preserve

Lake Creek Preserve is a part of a meandering tributary of the San Jacinto River.  This nature preserve offers visitors access to protected bottom land & wetland habitats.  It is located north of The Woodlands and south of the Woodforest development.