About Charlie Riley

“Serving the members of our beautiful community is an honor.   I’ve been lucky to call Montgomery County home for fifty years, and it is that personal knowledge and care for our community that guides every decision I make. 
The future will have many changes, and those changes bring concerns of safety and traffic congestion.  Careful planning goes into our infrastructure so that every citizen can experience high quality mobility and the protection of the law enforcement professionals who serve Precinct 2.”

In the 50 years that Commissioner Charlie Riley has called Montgomery County home, he has worked to build the legacy of Precinct 2 with conservative ideals that reflect the community values that are critical for a promising future. His strong and stable leadership focuses on developing an infrastructure that allows smart mobility options for commuters and provide easier navigation throughout Precinct 2 and Montgomery County.  Besides county roads and bridges, the Commissioner is responsible for a recycling facility, county parks, county sports complexes, and county community buildings.  He is one of five who make up the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, whose responsibilities include approving the county’s budget as well as planning for future growth and challenges.

Commissioner Riley was the Operations Manager for Precinct 2 for 13 years prior to being elected Precinct 2 Commissioner in 2014.  Discussing current and future goals with local neighborhood associations, combined with active listening and working together, Commissioner Riley endeavors to make Montgomery County Precinct 2 an even more desirable place to live, work and play. 
He realizes his obligation is to serve the past, present and the future. 

Chief of Staff Bruce Berger, Commissioner Charlie Riley,
Operations Manager Don Dean and MCTR Operations Manager Robert Castañeda

Knowledge and experience combined creates a dynamic team of leaders.  Putting the safety of all others first, this team leads from the front with straight forward representation for all projects.   Their determination to help and represent Montgomery County Precinct 2 is evident through their commitment and diligence. Community connections continue to grow during multiple weekly meetings and events.  Together, they support the supervisors and their crews who fulfill the daily jobs of developing and maintaining the Precinct 2 community. 

Law Enforcement – Traffic Enforcement –

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Sgt. Duane Burrell & Lt. Michael Silvio

Over 20 years of experience, approximately 4000 hours of training and a family history of law enforcement personnel, Lieutenant Michael Silvio supports this office with dedication and integrity.  He accompanies the Commissioner and staff at meetings as a law enforcement liaison.  His expertise makes him extremely valuable in regards to traffic enforcement, commercial vehicle enforcement, nuisance abatement and environmental investigations.  Lieutenant Silvio currently holds a TCOLE license as a Master Peace Officer.  He also is a licensed basic/intermediate/advanced police instructor and firearms instructor.

Sgt. Duane Burrell contributes to the this office and Precinct 2 with his extensive background (40 + years) as a former officer with the Texas Department of Public Safety. He maintains his TCOLE license as a Master Peace Officer and has multiple accommodations to his credit for his service in regards to law enforcement. He has a no nonsense approach for any individual or commercial vehicle operator that violates the law and puts the safety of the public at risk.