Commissioner Charlie Riley

“Serving the members of our beautiful community is an honor.   I’ve been lucky to call Montgomery County home for forty-five years, and it is that personal knowledge and care for our community that guides every decision I make. 

The future will have many changes, and those changes bring concerns of safety and traffic congestion.  Careful planning goes into our infrastructure so that every citizen can experience high quality mobility and the protection of the law enforcement professionals who serve Precinct 2.”

Heavy Trash Day
Saturday 8AM til 5PM and Sunday 8AM til 3PM

Mr. George’s tribute


Recently, a Precinct 2 road crew member discovered someone’s personal property discarded in the woods near a job site.  “The book in the tree is what caught my eye.” stated the crew member.  Turns out the book was a bible.  Here is the rest of the story from the bible’s owner.

“I do not do face book or social media but I do want to send the Commissioner of Precinct 2 and all of the other employees a message recognizing my appreciation for Xxxx’s dedication, work ethic and commitment. Going the extra mile and paying attention to his surroundings. My truck was broken into Sunday night and my laptop, bill fold and bible were taken. Xxxx, while working next to the woods around my house on Wednesday noticed some stuff in the trees.  He took time out to go research what it was and found my bible stuck up in a tree and my laptop bag and other paperwork scattered on the ground. He gathered it all up found my information and gave me a call, took time out of his evening to meet me after work and get me my stuff. This in my opinion is way above his job responsibilities and shows his commitment as a servant leader.

Please let the Commissioner know about this, I am OK with it being posted on a social media site.

Thanks again to Xxxx for his dedication to the residents of Montgomery County.

D. R.

“I truly appreciate both of these gentlemen.  One for taking the time to acknowledge the good that exists in this world and the other that did the right thing and made a decision to put the needs of others first.”  –  Commissioner Charlie Riley

Magnolia HIgh School FFA presented a report on Genome Editing

GOOD NEWS: In response to the volume of voters participating in early voting, Commissioner Charlie Riley arranged to increase the number of voting machines at the Magnolia Event Center. Thank you to Montgomery County Elections Administrator, Suzie Harvey and her staff, for facilitating this quick response. The number of voting machines was increased to reduce the amount of time voters are waiting in line to cast their ballots.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division

This is one of many commercial vehicles that have gotten the attention of Commissioner Riley’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division. Violations from commercial trucks have contributed to road damage and public safety concerns. The basic responsibility of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is weighing and checking commercial vehicle traffic operating over the Precinct 2 county roads so that compliance with the statutory provisions of law regulating weight, motor carrier safety, registration, transportation of persons, hazardous material and other property can be obtained.

The LOWER tax rate of .04312 for 2020 – 2021 was initiated by Commissioner Riley.

Commissioner Riley initiates the LOWER tax rate – September 8, 2020
Minimum Standard Health Protocols – May 18, 2020
Checklist for Rodeo and Equestrian Events