“I consider it an honor to represent the people in the Precinct 2 community.  Prior to being the Operations Manager for Precinct 2 for 13 years before to being elected Commissioner in 2014 gave me the insight to managing the needs of the community.  Discussing current and future goals with local neighborhood associations, combined with active listening and working together, I continue to endeavor to make Montgomery County Precinct 2 an even more desirable place to live, work and play.  My obligation and goal is to serve the past, present and the future.”

– Commissioner Charlie Riley

Right Turn Lane has been added

Approximately 645 ft of an extended right turn lane has been added at the intersection of Keenan Cut Off and FM 2854.

Vehicles transitioning from Keenan Cut Off onto FM 2854, to head north towards Hwy 105, now have a dedicated lane to improve the flow of traffic through the intersection.

Keenan Cut Off – added right turn lane – COMPLETE

New Traffic Lights:

The lights are working at FM 2854 & Keenan Cut Off.

WELL DONE residents of Precinct 2!

Commissioner Charlie Riley’s 9th Annual Heavy Trash Day Clean Up was a massive success!

Heavy Trash Day Clean Up 2023

Coming Soon:

Road Improvement continues on Nichols Sawmill Rd from Old Hockley Rd to Commerce St.

The improvement will expand the road to continue the 3 lanes of travel that are already in place on Nichols Sawmill Rd heading north from Grand Pines.

Montgomery County Precinct 2 will accomplish the undertaking in support of a cooperative effort with the City of Magnolia.

Please be cautious while driving through the area during the construction phase

2023 Nichols Sawmill Rd ~ Continued Widening in progress