Commissioner Charlie Riley

“Serving the members of our beautiful community is an honor.   I’ve been lucky to call Montgomery County home for forty-five years, and it is that personal knowledge and care for our community that guides every decision I make. 

The future will have many changes, and those changes bring concerns of safety and traffic congestion.  Careful planning goes into our infrastructure so that every citizen can experience high quality mobility and the protection of the law enforcement professionals who serve Precinct 2.”

Road Closure on Sapphire Circle

Sapphire Circle in Indigo Lakes

This 30 year old crosspipe section succumbed to time and heavy rains last week. Precinct 2 responded immediately upon notification. After close inspection and consulting with one of Montgomery County’s engineers, Commissioner Riley has reached out for assistance to begin repairs.

Thanks goes out to the Indigo Lakes homeowners and their HOA president for contacting the Precinct 2 office.

For your safety, please do not attempt to drive across this section of the closed roadway.

Look at the progress Precinct 2 has made!

Roads, Thoroughfares, Bridges, Overpasses, Turn Lanes, Rehabilitated Roads, Road Widening and more.

Taking care of Montgomery County and Precinct 2.

Montgomery County Precinct 2 – Migration

A view of what we do – Vintage 2021

SH 249 EXTENSION is OPEN. March 2021

(TX DOT section north of Woodforest Blvd

to FM 1774 by Todd Mission)

SH 249 crossing FM 1488 (north view)
SH 249 crossing FM 1486 (north view)
SH 249 at FM 1774 (near Todd Mission) north view



  • Spring Creek north to just past Woodtrace Blvd.
  • Opened on March 26, 2020.
  • 3.5 miles each way (approx.) 7 miles total (approx.)
  • Approximately 70% of the transactions recorded (based on zip codes) have been commuters from outside of Montgomery County.
  • Toll revenue STAYS in Montgomery County. – Pays for the road. – Improves mobility and connectivity and maintenance.
  • $63 million to complete.
  • It would have taken about 20 more years for SH 249 Extension north of MCTR (Woodtrace Blvd.) through Grimes County to happen had MCTR not been built.