Commissioner Charlie Riley

Precinct 2 received a generous donation of land, 391 acres. The property will be developed into a sports park that will also house a community and nature center.


Montgomery County received a donation of 391 acres from the Johnson Development Co. Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley plans to enhance the land into a sports park with a nature center and community center. 

The park will maintain most of its natural features while the improvements will provide an outlet for the area. 

“We are going to make it a top notch destination for folks in Precinct 2,” Riley said. “It’s been a challenge to get all this done but it will be well worth it and a real asset for Montgomery County.”  “We have been working on this and we finally got it all hammered out and the paperwork is ready to sign,” Riley said. 

Working on the realization of the donation, came to fruition by way of the generosity of Virgil Yoakum, vice president and general manager for Johnson Development. 

“I look forward to future generations enjoying all the amenities that are in the plans to be built,” Yoakum said. “We’ve seen the concept plans and we believe that everyone in our region will benefit. There is a need for these amenities and facilities.”

The location of the park will be off of Fish Creek Thoroughfare near the Woodforest community. 

1st 6 months of Work Orders 2022

Challenged Beyond the Routine.

Last year the Precinct 2 crews were challenged beyond the routine work orders. Working nights, holidays and weekends. In the rain, incredible freezing temperatures, extreme heat conditions, facing surprise circumstances and more. They are on duty to keep the roads clear and safe to travel when weather or public safety concerns become an issue. Night or day emergencies happen. Experience matters.


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