To access the Horse Arena Calendar:

1 . Use a desktop computer or a tablet.

2. Click on “Horse Arena Calendar” below.

Horse Arena Calendar

3. Find the drop down menu labeled “Master” on the top right side of the calendar.

4. Click on “Master” and choose “comm2“.

5. Look to see if the date(s) you are searching for will be available.

6. Then, call the offices at 281-259-6492.

Daily Events

Monday – Wednesday – Judging Events.
Lights on from dusk till 10PM

Tuesday & Thursday – Speed Events.
Lights on from dusk till 10PM

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY – Open to public unless reserved. For availability check the Horse Arena calendar. (above)

If further assistance is needed, contact the Commissioner’s Office. 281-259-6492.

Horse Arena map